Summer Picnic 2018

Prabashi’s summer picnic makes a return this year after a few years gap. We have a beautiful park shelter booked for this event. There will be snacks, catered lunch, fun activities for kids and adults. Details forthcoming. 

Prabashi will cover some of the expenses but we will need participating patrons to contribute as well to cover costs.
Cost  per attendee, 6 years and older, is $10.

Please book your tickets now .

See you all for a rollicking day of fun, games, food and adda at the park

The picnic has been cancelled unfortunately for this year. The money has been refunded already for all of you who booked .

2 thoughts on “Summer Picnic 2018

  1. Hello,
    We are new here in Portland and were very excited to join the picnic. Do let us know if there are any other events in the near future. We’d love to be associated with the bengali community here.

    1. Welcome to Portland. Please check the events page and subscribe to the mail list for the latest updates regarding our events .

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