Saraswati Pujo 2019

Pre-Registration is now closed 

With the dawn of the new year we are delighted to announce the first event of the calendar year: Saraswati Puja.
This year we are celebrating Saraswati Pujo on February 23rd 2019 at the Portland Hindu Temple. You are cordially invited along with your family and friends to participate in this event.

Please arrive early so that you can partake in all aspects of the function.

Tickets are now open to be purchased online.

This year we are making one notable change to the registration timeline that hopefully enables us to make an accurate guest count and arrange for the correct amount of food.

Online Ticket registration  would be closed on February 17th 2019 

After that date there would be very limited  opportunity for onsite tickets but it would cost $10 more on site and is first come first serve basis (due to limited quantity).

So why wait , hit the "Buy" now . Helps us plan and guarantees the tasty Khichudi , Labra , Beguni etc.  ....

Date & Venue:

Pujo Date: Saturday Feb 23rd 2019

Pujo Venue: 11515 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard, OR 97223

Buy Pujo Tickets: (Very limited tickets on site would cost $10 more on first come first serve basis)

Pre-registration is now closed. 

Pujo Plan:

Saturday 1st Feb 202010:00 AMPujo Commences
Saturday 1st Feb 202011:30 AM- 12:00 noonPushpanjali
Saturday 1st Feb 202012:00 noon - 12:30 pmPrasad Distribution
Saturday 1st Feb 202012:30 pm - 2:00 pmLunch
Saturday 1st Feb 20202:00pm-5:00 pmCultural program/Adda

25 thoughts on “Saraswati Pujo 2019

  1. 4 persons in a family counts as 1 family ticket or 2 family tickets? What about a family of 2 with 1/2 children? Does that count as 1 family ticket or 2 family tickets?

    1. Anurag
      If visiting parents , they are covered. family of 2 with 2 childeren are also part of the family package.

      Prabashi Association

      1. Thanks. It was not very clear on the website and I ended up buying 2 family packages tickets How can I return one of the tickets?

        1. Anurag
          Sorry about that. We tried to make it clear with the statement above in description as
          –> “Price for attending Saraswati Pujo , Prasad and Lunch for a family of 2 with kids. Visiting relatives are welcome”

          Nevertheless feel free to send a short email / visit our booth next Saturday and we can refund the same.

          Thanks & BR
          Prabashi Association

          1. Hi, for a mother and a 10 year old daughter, it will be 40$ total for Feb 23 saraswati Pujo, right. Thanks.

  2. Hi . Joydeep Here. Just a quick question. Is the ticket price per head or per family. Let me know. Thanks Joydeep

  3. Hi,
    It is not very clear from the the website if there is a member limit for families. If parents/siblings are in town, are they included or do they pay individual pricing?

    1. Ishita

      Visiting family are welcome under family plan.
      Hope to see you there

      Prabashi Association

  4. Hi,
    I have a doubt on the family plan for Saraswati Pujo. I have my parents and my husband with me. So all of us come under 1 family and should i buy only 1 family ticket as we are all one family?

    1. Nilanjana
      Visiting family are welcome under family plan.
      Hope to see you there

      Prabashi Association

  5. I am unable to but the tickets. I tried multiple times and the page errors out saying”error detected”.
    Please let me know how to proceed? I want to get 1 family package.

    1. Yes pre-registration is unfortunately closed . You can still get on first come first serve basis on Saturday.

  6. we sent an email right on the day this was posted and till date we got no reply. there is n phone number to directly call to and now even registration is closed.
    things should be mentioned clearly to avoid such confusion in the first place.
    now i want to know was it 40 dollar for a family of 4? if there is no children does parents count?


    1. Devleena ,

      Wrote you an email on this . As written , did you use prabashi email address to write the email?
      Searching the emails , did not find any emails from you.

      Let us know if your question is answered based on the email reply.

      Prabashi Association

  7. Hi, Can I buy the tickets online now or is it closed? We are a family of 4. Please let me know.

    1. Sumit
      Yes we will open the online again next week , as we understand if we are able to keep the 23rd for the pujo . Keep any eye open on the website / facebook page/ emails from us.

      The snowmageddon in Portland is not helping 🙂

      Prabashi Association

    1. We are tentatively moving it to 23rd . Please keep an eye open to our website/facebook page/ emails . We would be able to confirm next week depending on the situations which we are checking.

      Prabashi Association.

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