Saraswati Pujo 2019 -Pre-registration open for 1 week only

As we reluctantly shake of the holidays and settle back into the routines of life in the new year some of the early events kinda creeps up us. While you are setting up the 8k foldable TV for Superbowl, staking out spots on the Oscar red carpet and placing wagers on another shutdown in 3 weeks, we from Prabashi hope you find some space on your calendar for this note:
Saraswati Pujo Preregistration ends Feb 2nd midnight! . Please click  here to pre-register
Please register prior to the deadline. We are counting on a reliable attendee count so we can order the right amount of food for all attendees.

Good News: Pre-registrants are guaranteed a decidedly convex bhoori after pujo lunch.
Bad News: Onsite registrants may need to sport concave ones.

Good news - Shutdown is on a break during pujo weekend so there should be no travel delays. Yeaaahh!
Bad News - Registration is $10 more onsite!!

Note for our talented kids:
We do not have a big stage at this venue but we can still arrange space and audio for kids who want to perform poems, songs or even a small dance during pujo. Kindly let us know if a young one(s) is so inclined

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