Durgotsab 2020 – Thank you!

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To all our patrons, participants, volunteers, donors & sponsors,

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Dear Prabashi Patrons,

As September sets in, the heart of every Bengali jumps with immense joy. Why? Of course, it is that time of the year when we all get ready to welcome our beloved Maa Durga home. Our Ban’gali heart eagerly waits for the sound of dhaak, the energetic dhunuchi naach and “Pujor hulor, adda and khawa dawa”. This year was no different. COVID -19 guidelines may have brought some challenges to celebrate our most beloved festival but the Prabashi volunteers came up with innovative ideas to keep everyone safe and yet have the same hulor.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that, for a typical Ban’gali, Durga Pujo starts way before the date itself. That is, if you add the countless days of meticulous planning and enthusiasm that goes before the D-day. Our immense gratitude to each and every Prabashi patron, participant and volunteer who helped us bring this online celebration to your home.

Firstly, thank you very much to our participants who put up such a wonderful show. You all were pro-artist level. Kudos team! An extra round of applause to the Cultural team volunteers who have worked day and night to put together a fantastic program. We kept the entire Portland Ban’gali community glued to their seats, thanks to all your new ideas. Antakshari was a superhit! We are confident that we have to keep this section for the community every year.

The next challenge was hosting the Pujo itself. Thank you volunteers from the deco team, Pujo set up and wrap-up team, and Pujo bhog team who made it all possible. E-Pushpanjoli was definitely appreciated by each and every member of the community. And let’s not forget the creative work of the camera team and online platform team in bringing the Pujo live into your living room. Both these teams worked with clockwork precision to bring you this experience.

An extra round of applause to the volunteers of media and communication team as well. Thanks to their on-time communication, you received the latest scoop on the most happening event of Prabashi Portland. This year, Darpan received an unusually high level of submissions as well. Thank you community, for supporting this endeavor. Every year we try to bring in new articles, designs, paintings, drawings and poetry. But this would not have been possible without the tireless work of the volunteers for team Darpan. Thank you each and every one of you!

Prabashi Portland would also thank our Platinum sponsor Ananthan Ayyasamy, PDX Prime Realtors and gold sponsor Mr. Venkat Muthu, PDXA1 Realty Group without whose kind support this Pujo would not have been possible. We would humbly urge our community to reach out to them for your real-estate needs.

Last but not the least, a special thanks to all our donors who stepped in and helped us out in our hour of need. Their kind help and support enabled us to keep Durgotsab 2020 free for all. Thank you so much. “Tussi great ho”!

Finally, no event is ever perfect and there is always room to learn and grow. In order to make next year’s event successful, we request your feedback in the post-event survey below.

Your feedback, comments and suggestions are very precious to us and will inspire us to do better and bigger in the future. We thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions and we assure you that each will be given consideration, so that future events will be even more successful.

আসছে বছর আবার হবে ।

Jai Maa Durga