Prabashi Council 2021

Prabashi Portland continues to thrive even in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic thanks to warm hearted support from our community. This socially-distant but eventful year concluded with Durga Puja and the amazing Cultural event. We are currently in hibernation only to be back with more exciting events for the community.

This year, we are welcoming five new faces to our council while bidding goodbye to our four outgoing members.

  1. Prabashi council welcomes five new members: Sampurna, Biplob, Ritochit, Suman and Sankha.
  2. We also thank our outgoing council members: Rahul, Debangana, Parijat and Sudeshna.

Current Prabashi council members are 

  • Ayan Das – President
  • Samudra Sengupta – Secretary
  • Rahul D. Ghosh – Treasurer
  • Sandipan Banerjee – Treasurer
  • Sabyasachi Dey – Cultural Secretary
  • Sanchari Banerjee – Cultural Secretary
  • Sampurna Datta Bhattacharya – Volunteer & event coordinator
  • Biplob Daas – Volunteer & event coordinator
  • Ritochit Chakraborty – Community outreach
  • Suman Mukherjee – Media & Communication
  • Sankha Subhra Sarkar – Media & Communication