Prabashi Council 2020

Thank you all for your love, support, and feedback to the Prabashi council over the years. Every feedback helps us to improve. Given the likes of COVID-19, wildfires and hurricanes, it is a struggling time for all us. In spite of all these, the last two presentations saw new participation, fun and masti.  The festive season is just around the corner and we hope that the same “Bangali Josh” will be bestowed in future too. More on that over the next few days. 

This year the Prabashi Council has seen some changes. 

  1. Some of our council members have moved on from being active council members. We do miss our members who have been the backbone of the organization in the past. We cannot thank them enough for their many years of service (decades in some cases) to the community and hope to receive continued support from them in the form of the newly formed Prabashi Advisory Committee.
  2. We have got some new blood into the council to get fresh ideas and keep the fun alive. 
    • A warm welcome to Ayan , Samudra, Parijat , Saby da and Sanchari  
  3. We created a few new active committees which should help us continue to serve the community better 
    • Media/ Communication   
    • Volunteer Co-ordination 
    • Cultural Programs 

Based on the above, the new Prabashi Council for this term would be 

  • Rahul Mukerjee – President
  • Sandipan Banerjee – Secretary
  • Rahul Ghosh – Treasurer
  • Ayan Das – Cultural Secretary
  • Debangana Mukerjee – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Parijat Mukherjee – Media & Communication POC
  • Sabyasachi Dey – Council Member
  • Sanchari Banerjee – Council Member
  • Samudra Sengupta – Council Member
  • Sudeshna Ganguly – Cultural Secretary

We welcome the new committee and humbly request all of you to show the same love and support to the new council that you have shown over the years