Kobi Pronam

Kobi Pronaam  had a great  response from the community  and we have had way more participation requests than there were available slots. Organizers set new benchmarks in scheduling creativity to avoid disappointments, some patents may yet be filed too!

The result - we have a show packed with must-see performances; nritya, natya, nritya-natya, recitals, skits, comedy, satire...you name it, we have it.  The evening is headlined by an ensemble presentation of Bhanushingher Padaboli, a collaborative effort from some of the finest talent we have, put together in a grandiose production with live orchestra fit for Broadway.

Registrations for the event are now open below . The PCC Rockcreek auditorium is not known for setting seating records so please get your tickets asap.

Bongo Mela
This year Kobi Pronaam's cultural show will be sandwiched by Bongo Mela. This has been a community request for a while and has finally come to fruition. A veritable smorgasbord of stalls serried with Bangla culture, heritage and culinary delights will be on presentation.
Early disclaimer/warning - you may want to stay off those weighing scales the next morning, organizers will take no responsibility for inappropriate language you probably didn't know you possessed.

Open Mic
Couldn't get your participation request submitted on time?
Organizers giving you the "sorry, the country is full and so is our program" treatment?
Feeling despondent and bummed out?
Ready to unleash that Taekwondo black belt on whoever stops you from getting on stage?

Fret not bondhu, everybody gets the opportunity to display their talent in the Open Mic area set right in the middle of the Bongo Mela prangon. There will a set of live mics and sound system for extempore performances. So come on and regale the mela crowd with your craft and show those naak-uchu auditorium folks that the real show is out there!


Online ticket sale is now closed. 


EventTime StartTime End
Mela3:00 pm8:00 pm
Open Mike3:15 pm4:45 pm
Auditorium Open4:45 pm-
Scheduled Performances5:00 pm7:30 pm


Best Wishes,
From Prabashi, on behalf of Kobi Pronaam Organizers
Tania Chatterjee
Mita Kundu
Aniruddha Kundu
Bhaskar Ganguly