Kobi Pronam – Request for Cultural Presentation

REGISTRATION FOR CULTURAL PROGRAM FOR Kobi Pronam 2019  is now closed. Thank you for signing up . See you all there

This is a solicitation for your interest in participating in Cultural Event at Kobi - Pronam 2019

Kobi Pronam  will provide suitable stage for the performance, a specific time slot for the performance, nominal audio/light equipment, setup, and control - facilitating the performance. Any other cost associated to the presentation need to be borne by the participant(s).

Your performance can be individual, or as a group.There are three program slots.

  1. First, there will be a presentation of Tagore’s Bhanushingher Padaboli with a live orchestra. Approximate duration 45 minutes.
  2. We have a designated 40 minute time slot for kids age 14 and under. We expect multiple teams to cover the designated time. All these presentations need to be related to either Tagore or Nazrul. Our preference will always be for group presentations - to maximise participation.
  3. Finally, we are also encouraging adults to come forward with their own presentations. It can be vocals, dance, recitation, etc as long as it is in accordance to the Kobi Pronaam theme. We have a total of 40 minute slot dedicated for this as well. We encourage group participation

We need to be sensitive to audience from diverse ethnicity and social backgrounds.

In order to participate in this cultural event, we request you to fill out this short form at the earliest and send . Filling out the form doesn’t guarantee a time slot as there are many variables that play roles in making the final program schedule.

Kobi Pronam Committe promises to make every effort to be fair to all requests and make selection of performances unbiased and sensitive to program diversity and maximum participation.

Please help Kobi Pronam Cultural Committee in  making right decision by submitting the completed Participation Request Form early (well before the deadline April 8th, 2019) providing as much information possible.

Whether or not your performance request was selected for the event, you will hear from Kobi Pronam  Cultural Committee by April 15th, 2019

Best Wishes,

Prabashi Portland

On behalf of Kobi PronaamOrganizers

Sudeshna Ganguly

Tania Chatterjee

Mita Kundu

Aniruddha Kundu

Bhaskar Ganguly


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