General Body Meeting 2020

The Prabashi Council would like to humbly request the pleasure of your company for our first General Body Meeting of 2020. Please save the following date for the event:

Saturday Jan 25th 2020, 3pm
@ Community Room - TVF&R Station 61

13730 SW Butner Road Beaverton, OR 97005

* Council Intro - meet the team that has been organizing our events for the last 2 years and more. We kindly request you go easy on the pacha dims and tomatoes.
* Prabashi survey review - Heartfelt thanks to the community for participating in the recent survey we sent out. We will go over the results with the community and hope to make some decisions on how our 2020 events will be managed.
Your presence and active participation will be key in ensuring we meliorate what we did right in 2019 and emend what we didn't.
* 2020 event roadmap - a sneak peek at the events being planned for 2020.
* 2020 council selection launch -  We are encouraged by our survey results where a majority of you have expressed the desire to join the Prabashi council and participate in the event planning and organization process. This is your chance to join the team and help make our 2020 events the best ever.

Survey Results
You can find the survey results on our facebook page here:
Don't forget to friend us while you are there. Easiest and quickest way to stay on top of Prabashi announcements and events.

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