From the New President’s Desk…

New council and a grander, bigger, all-inclusive Prabashi taking Portland Bengali Community Experience to even Greater Heights

Dear Patrons,

Thank you for being a part of Prabashi over the years and making our community events a success with your enthusiastic and ardent participation as we navigate through the tough times of COVID.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the new council members and Prabashi’s vision for the next 2 years.

Our overall goal is to:

  • Make Prabashi events a bigger extravaganza,
  • Introduce a membership model that will ensure a proper financial planning and provide a structured, discounted annual fee to our members with access to all our events/programs,
  • Make it all-inclusive and indeed make it an organization by the members and for the members, across all age groups
  • Define proper bylaws so that we have a healthy council every 2 years with fresh ideas!

Over the years, Prabashi has grown from strength-to-strength, from a small oneday Pujo outfit in Tigard Senior Center to a big 2-day event that includes top artists from Bengal. We have added Saraswati Puja and Rabindra Jayanti to our roster as well. Last year saw a “Nabeen vs Prabeen” cricket match.

The time is now ripe to take Prabashi to the next level, given Portland now has roughly 400 Bengali families. We are already in final plans for a grand Saraswati Puja at a better venue that will also host a cultural program. We have agreed to transform the cricket match into an annual Prabashi games-day that will include fun games across all genders and age groups! We are thinking of extending Durga Puja to a 2 and half day event and are even considering external artists from Bollywood! All this would only be possible if we get your support – we are chalking out a proper financial model for our members and we are actively soliciting sponsors from external vendors to pull off these ideas!

At this point, I would personally request all of you to come forward and participate. Please don’t be shy.
If you are interested in Pujo setup or decoration or any other Prabashi volunteer aspects – just shoot us an email.

If you’re planning a concert or any charitable events or if you are embarking on a small business venture (be it a catering service, beauty parlor service, stitching, private coaching in music) and want Prabashi to support you financially and take care of marketing – shoot us an email!

If you have advice or opinion about areas where we can improve – again shoot us an email!

If you are new to this area, Prabashi can help you with housing searches and even with other social connections!

This is the all-inclusive part I was talking about earlier. We want to hear your voices and your concerns and want to address them – that way we grow together!

I would now like to introduce our new council members who are with you to make this vision come into fruition:

• Ayan Das
– President
Samudra Sengupta – Secretary
Rahul D. Ghosh – Treasurer
Sandipan Banerjee – Treasurer
Sabyasachi Dey – Cultural Secretary
Sanchari Banerjee – Cultural Secretary
Sampurna Datta Bhattacharya – Volunteer & event coordinator
Biplob Das – Volunteer & event coordinator
Ritochit Chakraborty – Community outreach
Suman Mukherjee – Media & Communication
Sankha Sarkar – Media & Communication

And our email address:

Please visit our website and subscribe for emails: and our Facebook page: for regular updates.

I am hoping that Prabashi becomes the one-stop place for all Portland Bangalees moving forward.

Thank You,

Ayan Das
Prabashi Association of Greater Portland