Durgotsab 2020 Antakshari

This event needs no introduction!

The main event will comprise of 8 teams.
In case of more than 8 registration, we will have an elimination round (Details to follow).
First Prize: Amazon $100 gift card; Second Prize: Amazon $50 gift card; Third Prize: Amazon $25 gift card

Call for Participants

Please register before the deadline (18th Oct 11:59pm). You can register either as a single participant or as a team of maximum 2 members.

The submission window has closed

18th Oct 2020

General Guidelines

• The decision of the judge/judges shall be final and binding on all teams.
• A team can be a single participant or may consist of at most two members.
• There will be four rounds of different modes.
• In case of a tie there shall be a fifth round.

Round 1: Geet Gaata Chal

Normal traditional antakshari round with a twist – the older the song the contestant comes up with,
more points he gets. Songs from films released in:
2010 onwards: 5 points
2000 – 09: 10 points
1990 – 99: 15 points
1980 – 89: 20 points
1970 – 79: 25 points
1960 – 69: 30 points
upto 1959: 40 points

Round 2: Shabd jaal

• One word would be given to each team and that team would have to sing the first two lines of songs,
having the given word.
• The given word must come in the first two lines.
Marking ‐ • 10 points for each right song. • No minus marking in this round.

Round 3: Sitaron ki Mehfil

Each team must pick one male/female actor or supporting actor from the movie that the song is from
and sing a song from a different movie with only one of them present while others should be missing.

e.g. If the song is ‘ladki badi anjani hai’ from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (with Sharukh Khan, kajol
and Rani Mukherjee as main actors) then any song from Chalte Chalte (Sharukh – Rani) or Dilwane
Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (Shahrukh – Kajol) are wrong answers.
Moderator picks the first song or the next song if a team gives a wrong answer.
Marking ‐ • 10 points for each right song. • -5 points for no answer/wrong answers.

Round 4: ANGREZI Mein Kahtaa Hoon Ki

(The first answer will be taken – Buzzer Round)
The clue is the translation in English of a mukhda of a Hindi song for the contestants to decipher.
Marking ‐ • 10 points for each right song. • -5 points for wrong answers.

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