Invitation for Participating at 2018 Prabashi Durga Puja Cultural Program


This is a solicitation for your interest in participating in Cultural Event at Prabashi Durga Puja Celebration – 2018. 

There’s no participation fee for this cultural activity from Prabashi Association. Only requirement is performers be registered to attend Durga Puja Celebration 2018. 

Prabashi Association will provide suitable stage for the performance, a specific time slot for the performance, nominal audio/light equipment, setup, and control - facilitating the performance. Any other cost associated to the presentation need to be borne by the participant(s). 

Your performance can be individual, or as a group.

It can be song, music, dance, drama, dance drama, recitation, standup comedy, or any other similar talent that is appropriate for general audience comprising of varied age group ranging from children, young adults, adults, as well as seniors. We need to be sensitive to audience from diverse ethnicity and social backgrounds.

In order to participate in this cultural event, we request you to fill out this short form at the earliest and send it to Cultural Program Coordinator. All items in the form are mandatory. 

Filling out the form doesn’t guarantee a time slot as there are many variables that play roles in making the final program schedule.

Prabashi Cultural Committee for Durga Puja 2018 promises to make every effort to be fair to all requests and make selection of performances unbiased and sensitive to program diversity and maximum participation.

Please help Prabashi Cultural Committee for Durga Puja 2018 making right decision by submitting the completed Participation Request Form early (well before the deadline August 20th, 2018) providing as much information possible.

How to request participation at the Cultural Program?

  • You may fill out this form at Prabashi Web Site
  • You may Print this form and handover to Cultural Event Coordinator
  • You may Email the requested details to Cultural Event Coordinator (Subject line: Participation Request – Durga Puja Cultural Event 2018) 
  • You may call and provide the details to Cultural Event Coordinator  --> Cultural Lead is Bhaskar Ganguli  (bkg_us (at) )

Whether or not your performance request was selected for the event, you will hear from Prabashi Cultural Committee for Durga Puja 2018 before end of August 2018

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      updated Post. Additionally we will put up a contact form for participation soon

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