Durga Pujo 2018 – 2 more weeks

Durga Pujo 2018 is almost upon us  ( Mahalaya is just about 2 weeks away) .  Durga Pujo is not only a festival for us Bengalis, its a way of living.  Be that "Thakur Dekha " , " Dhakh er sathe nacha" , "Shob Bangali ra ek sathe mile kaaj kora " , " Notun jama pora" ... in short "anondo kora" .

To not miss on that fun don't forget to get your tickets here   and volunteer here to be part of the fun  .

Don't forget we have Arko & the Fiddlers and Shovon Ganguly coming this year. More details here 

Teaser from Shovon

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