Durga Puja 2018 – Stars are on there way are you registered ?

Registrations for cultural programs are closed and announcing new additions to our arsenal...

Pujo is almost here.  Calling all able bodied dhaaki-s and kashor maestros!
The equipment has arrived from Kolkata and completed extensive validation. Multiple 911 calls and a multi-fold increase of ear plug sales in a certain Bethany neighbourhood serve as testimonial to efficacy of the equipment. This year you get to make the racket and the kids can take a chill pill! Oh Yeah!!

Don't Forget To Register!
Dhaak privileges are included with Durga Puja registration which is open on our website here:

Need Volunteers for the Pujo.
What is a bengali Pujo without us bangalis volunteering to make it a success. Thats what makes this baroari pujo truly successfull. Please keep an eye on the Volunteer sign up sheet.

Introducing the 2018 Puja Artists

Fiddler's Green talks about folklores of the world through songs of the south Asian subcontinent, sonically connecting them with humane stories of the shires in middle earth, running through deserts of west Africa, merging with the streets of Havana and Puerto Rico or the wild trekking trails of Nepal or the Appalachian mountains.
Pan Asian folk forms like Bhatiyali, Baul, Fakiri, Bhadu, Tushu, Bihu, Goalpariya, Murshidi, Nepali Gandharva tunes, Sindhi Kakiri Qalams, Goan folk are freely mixed with Celtic traditional tunes, blue grass standards, Jewish folk, afro-cuban guaguancos and rumbas or manuche melodies from France...in an acoustic unplugged sound of the mandolin, nylon string guitar, ukuleles, kazoo, tenor guitar and world percussions. A unique blend of different folk sub genres...a very gentle and intelligent blend of Fakiri music from Bengal and Sindh with Bill Monroe and WB Yates. Songs close to music lover's hearts, songs of the wild. songs of love.
The band has collaborated with the famous Irish harp player and singer Anna Tanvir and Yann Beaujeoun, a French Gypsy jazz guitar player along with several other musicians from France and England.

Fresh off winning the "BEST VOCALIST OF THE YEAR" award at this year's Radio Mirchi Awards, one of the most versatile vocalists of present generation India, Shovon is coming to regale Portland with his mellifluous voice. His extensive training in Hindustani Classical music under Guru, Pandit Ajoy Chakraborti, gives him a strong musical foundation and sets him apart from other young talent. Shovon is known for his mastery in contemporary Bengali, Hindi music and Sufi music. Shovan has made a prominent place for himself in the music industry as a recording artist. He has done playback for many prominent Bengali movies, like “Arsinagar” by Oscar nominated director, Aparna Sen

Please visit here  for performance videos of both our artists and feel free to spread the word beyond the Prabashi community. Everybody deserves good music.

You do not want to miss any of these performances. Get registered asap on our website. Early registration lets us ensure we have enough seats and food for all of you. Tickets also cost more on-site.
Jai Ma Durga!!

Prabashi Council

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