Durga Puja 2018 is here

Jago.... Tumi ja..go
Jago Durga Jago Dashaproharanodaarinee
Abhaya Shokti Baloprodayini Tumi Jago

As Ma durga gets "pran-pratishta" in Portland  tomorrow get out your  "dhutis", " panjabees" and "sarees". The time is upon us . The next 2 days lets  not miss. Lets get together to pray to Ma durga and enjoy the cultural program


We sincerely hope you have doneyour pre-registration already .

Online Pre-Registration is now closed  .  In case you have missed your chance to pre-register  , please feel free to drop by at the front desk to buy your tickets . Like every year our enthusiastic volunteers would be more than happy to help you  get your tickets (of course at a little premium ) 


Don't forget we have Arko &amp; the Fiddlers and Shovon Ganguly coming this year. More details <a href="http://www.prabashi.org/2018/08/08/durga-puja-2018/#pujo-artists">here </a>

See you all there

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