Darpan 2020 Request for Submission

It is that time of the year when we get together in a festive mood to celebrate our favorite annual event – the Durga Puja. How can we possibly stage the biggest event of the year and not have the contributions from our own creative minds? The Prabashi Darpan has returned once again thanks to the overwhelming response we have received over the years.  

This is your own channel to express yourself with the pen or the brush. Time to share your creativity with others… whatever you feel like.. kobita (poetry), golpo (story) , those beautiful original pictures you took while hiking, drawing, drama, recipe etc. anything you can think of… 

Did Corona make a chef out of you and you have been experimenting in the kitchen? Do not confine your ideas in your own kitchen. Share your innovations, send your recipes and tips to us (preferably with photo of the prepared dish). 

The goal is to again showcase the amazing and sometimes hidden creative talents in our community. Kids are especially encouraged to send in their work, with parental permission of course.

We are requesting submissions in the form of 

  • Artwork/Painting (jpeg, png)
  • Poetry (word, pdf)
  • Essays/Stories (word, pdf)
  • Recipes (word, pdf )
  • Original photography (jpeg, png)

Please ensure that submissions meet the following guidelines:

  1. Must be original. No cheater-cheater-pacha-dim-eaters please.
  2. Must be non-discriminatory, non-political, non-racial. We don’t judge/care if you build walls or hide emails, just not in the brochure. 
  3. No risqué business please, let’s keep this gharelu (aka family friendly).
  4. Avoid extremist or reactionary viewpoints. We Bangalis do not need any extra fuel for starting a brawl. 

The submission window has closed

10th October 2020

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